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1. It is absolute necessity as a women's accessory.

2. It is high end fashion. Unique look. 

3. It is high ART. One of a kind art, hand brushed drawing on silk. Special dyes and artistic secret, method of fixing technique is used for 100% archival resolute. 
Non Formal and not simply decorative, but conceptual contemporary art, wraps the body.

4. It is posh gift. Luxurious personalized design. No one is looks a like. Clean look packaging.

5. It is simple. Minimalistic stile, kipping the natural white of the silk. 

6. It is practical .Thick, nontransparent, raw silk large format 220 cm /140 cm. cover most of the body. Good for many occasions. Easy to care in purse. Washable with soаp and water. Can be ironed. 

7. It is comfortable. Made for the unobstructed easeful movement. There are special and original clamps, easy to clamp in improvised different way. Keeps the body temperature cool during the day, and warm at night. 

8. It is healthy. 100% pure silk protects the skin from the sun and UV rays. 

9. It is fun. Women can play and dance with the shawl. Silk of high quality induces a calming effect in touch.

10. It is beautiful. The material with it's elegant drapes looks stylish in all size bodies. The perfect folds are compliment for all women.


11. It is an Expensive statement. We put a lot of effort to make it aright. Requires a lot of time to produce this effect, many thoughts considering a lot of content, but at the same time it is very simple as artistic expression. Synthesis of scientific and art concepts, this is what makes the I M A G A T A M I design informal. It is an advanced picture of museum grade art on silk. Representing the touring project Geologic pulse. Piece of the overall exhibition of contemporary fine art, seen not only on the woman shoulders, but also can be frame it as picture and stand against the wall in very attractive way.

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12. It is an invitation for a conversation. Each I M A G A T A M I comes with code and scientific story. It gives you an automatic entry for the interactive cognitive model, from the conceptual project Geologic pulse, about the powerful energy zones on the planet.


 & Share your story with us infront the camera, that you like to be published in the open entry format, in the museum exhibit, for the project Geologic pulse, at the rubric :
" Interview - I M A G A T A M I for You " .​


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