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Correlation between geology, energy, water, life and culture.

The project "GEOLOGIC PULSE" is a cipher to decode Earthly energies in culture and understand art as a natural phenomenon. 
Тhe forces of nature have strong impact on our bodies and emotions. Emerging deep in the ground, they move to the surface, changing its strength and intensity influenced by different homogeneity of geological layers.

Reason for this is the water. It is the only substance that moves freely in the planet’s crust. The water aggressively dissolves chemical compounds, serving as a transporter of matter from one location to another, creating unique environments in which the earthly energies penetrate differently. 
Underground water streams help to shape specific fields with rays for each region at the surface, coloring every one area of the planet differently.

So after energies completed the journey in the lithosphere, they come into contact with the human body, interact with its cells, affect the metabolism and encode in us information about geo zones of our native place.

Earthly energies under the influence of the aquifer changing their properties, forming a genetic, social and cultural differences and initiate highly developed civilizations.

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