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Conceptual scientific sketches on silk become high art and accessory.
On each IMAGATAMI is displayed an unique G - CODE, which is the key to the door of  knowledge about our Planet - Home.
G - CODE corresponds with the scientific ESSAY which is coming along with IMAGATAMI

3500 $ : IMAGATAMI + Ability to purchase additional innovative scientific theory corresponding to G - CODE

6000 $ : Innovative scientific theory decode of G - CODE, recorded on only electronic media autographed.

25000 $ : Manuscript - on paper, graphite technique, signed by the creator + the scientific theory on electronic media.

According to your taste, you can place an order for IMAGATAMI design that includes your NAME. With the purchase of IMAGATAMI you reserve exclusive rights to own records of the unique scientific thinking of       G - CODE.
The theory is not published anywhere to date otherwise than in the one is available to IMAGATAMI.



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